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About _Girls That Crypto  

Girls That Crypto is a female crypto, web3 and tech education platform. We educate women on how to level up through mentorship, a course, educational resources and a community of like-minded women. 

We were founded in 2021 and have educated over 500 women on crypto and investing and helped women not just understand the web3 space but get jobs in the space and level up in different areas of their life. 

About _The Founder  

Hey, I'm Fariah (@Rarrah), the founder of Girls That Crypto.


When I started investing in crypto in early 2020, I didn't have a clue what I was doing or what cryptocurrency even was. I didn't know what to expect from it or how to learn what I didn't know I needed to know. What turned it around is I met someone who became my crypto mentor/friend and was there to guide me through my journey. This helped me a lot and gave me the confidence to go all in crypto. I hustled and invested as much as I could throughout 2020 and to be honest, it was quite boring until the the end of 2020 and the run up to first set of all-time-highs in 2021. During this time, I saw for myself the huge potential in crypto and that there is serious money to be made.


Over the next few years I experienced for myself the turbulence of the crypto markets, the highs, the lows, the liquidations, the scams the hacks and the different trends like NFTs, Metaverse, AI and so on. 

Crypto quickly became a huge part of my life and I immediately noticed that there were barely any females inthe space. I felt that women were missing out on something I thought was goign to be huge and a great opportunity to make money, just because they didn't know someone who could help them through it.  I was so passionate about crypto and helping other people to understand it that I started created content around it and realised a lot of women (and guys) were interested in it. 


In 2021 I started mentoring women (and guys)  on how to invest in crypto and offered it to both girls and guys but before even one guy signed up for my mentorship, 25 women already had and that led to me creating Girls That Crypto. 

Prior to crypto, my background is in marketing and I've been in the field for over a decade, have a degree in it and worked across different sectors. I quickly realised I could combine my background in marketing and experience in crypto and get a crypto marketing job. I started working at a crypto exchange and also freelancing with other crypto companies. 

There's so much opportuntiy with crypto - to make money, a career, business, however, it does come with its risk. You can lose it all if you're not careful. This is why I recommend edcuation first. When I started in crypto, there wasn't enough guidance  and what existed, was targeted towards men. 


Girls That Crypto's mission is to help as many women as possible to enter the web3 space and learn about investing, crypto, financial literacy and more. The Academoney is a new community I've built that focuses on 'the more' like business & marketing. Crypto is just a part of your journey to wealth!


 If you're interested in the course or mentorship, feel free to book a free consultation with me here. 

Best of luck on your crypto journey!



Fariah N 

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