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Want to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency? The Girls That Crypto cryptocurrency investing course will teach you everything you need to know to confidently navigate the cryptocurrency space and start investing.

The course is taught by Fariah, the founder of Girls That Crypto, a female crypto platform and community. Since 2020 she has taught over 500 women how to invest in cryptocurrency.

Included in this course 👇

  • The basics of what crypto is and how it works 

  • How the traditional monetary system works

  • How the crypto market cycles work

  • Different investment strategies you can use

  • How to research an investment

  • Profit taking strategies

  • The difference between trading & investing

  • Where to buy crypto and how

  • How to keep your crypto safe from scams, hackers & liquidations

  • & more!


This is not financial advice. 

  • Whatever you're level of experience, this course can help you begin your crypto journey. 


  • The great thing about a course is you can study at your own pace. The course itself is around 4 hours on content, however, you may want to break it down over a week and do additional research and invest alongside. There is no correct timeframe - you'll forever be a learner with cryptocurrency!

    It totally depends!

  • As you get more comfortable investing, you can increase this amount to more, whilst keeping within your budget, 

    You can start investing with as little as £1! 

Frequently asked questions 🫶 

Learn how to invest with the

 _Cryptocurrency investing Course  

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