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Explore our course, guide and free resources and start investing in cryptocurrency the right way. 

Learn about web3, crypto, investing & more   

Learn about cryptocurrency & investing with _Girls That Crypto  

Crypto Investing Course

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Want to learn how to invest in crypto and how crypto, blockchain, web3 all works? This course will help you to get started investing securely and safely. This is not financial advice. 

Want to get 1-1 support to help you get started investing in cryptocurrency? 1-1 mentorship can help you to get set up and understand what your doing at your own pace and tailored to you.

This is not financial advice. 

Check out our free resources and learn about crypto and more. From ebooks to articles, learn some of the basics of crypto and beyond. 

Learn how to navigate the next bull market with this free crypto bull market guide. 

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