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Learn how to invest in cryptocurrency with _1-1 Mentorship  

About the mentorship

Why learn with Girls That Crypto

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Want to start investing but confused about how to get started? We get it. The crypto space can be really confusing when you're first starting out. That's why we offer 1-1 mentorship to guide you through your journey. 

  • Setting up your crypto wallets

  • Making your first investment

  • Setting up your security 

  • Understanding what crypto it

  • Learn how to send & receive crypto

  • How to create an investment strategy

  • How to withdraw your crypto to your bank

  • & more

Get support with:

Get support with:

Get support with:

Fariah x

Hey, I'm Fariah the founder of Girls That Crypto. I'm super passionate about helping other women to level up through crypto education, business education and generally any way I can identify!

I believe that more women need to be financially secure, independent and preparing for the future and Girls That Crypto allows me to do that my way! I have already helped over 500 women to learn how to invest - if you have any questions, get in touch at

Meet your _Mentor   

How The _Mentorship Works  

Step 1: Book a free call with me - me helps us identify if this mentorship is right for you.

Step 2: When you're ready to proceed, make payment using the form below. 

Step 3: Book your first call in with your mentor. 

Step 4: Access the course, The Academoney and the resources to help you along your crypto journey. 

Pricing 💸

There are two mentorship packages to chose from: 

Two sessions + course = £280 

Four sessions + course = £420

Included in the price:

✅ Access to the Crypto Investing Course

✅  2 months free access to The Academoney

✅  FREE Crypto Investing for Beginners ebook

Sign Up For _Mentorship   

Complete the form below and proceed to make your payment. 

Thanks for submitting!

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Past crypto client? 🫶

You can book a refresher session with me! Remember you have lifetime access to the crypto course - please get in touch if you need help accessing. 

  • Either 2 or 4 sessions with me, alongside your own studies via the course and ebook. This means that we can spend our 1-1 time on the areas you specifically need help with! Book the 1-1 sessions when it suits you and if you can't find availability in my calender - just email/DM me and I can release a slot. 

  • The first session is around an hour and subsequent sessions are between 45 mins to 1 hour. 

  • Nope - suitable for complete beginners - this mentorship is intended to teach you the ropes. 

  • Mentorship is tailored to you and involves 1 on 1 support with a crypto mentor, over six sessions accross 3 months where you also get access to the course. 


  • You can start with a small amount - literally just £1, but that won't get you wealthy. When you first start investing, it's advised you simply start with £5 in a few different projects and then increase the amount you invest as you gain a better understanding of what you're doing. 

Frequently asked questions 🙌 

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