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Join _The Academoney  

A membership group created to help you level up financially, in your business, career and life.

Included in your membership:

  • Weekly crypto & tech news updates

  • Access to a library of 100+ resources to help you on your crypto journey

  • Business resources

  • Resources to help you with your business & career

  • Community with other women

  • Online & In-person events

  • Discount off other products

  • Monthly masterclasses


The Academoney

Get access to resources and a community of likeminded women also on their journey to financial freecom

Get support with:

Want to start investing but confused about how to get started? We get it. The crypto space can be really confusing when you're first starting out. That's why we offer 1-1 mentorship to guide you through your journey. 

  • Women who want to learn about investing

  • Women who want to level up financially, with business and their career.

Who this community and resource library is for:

Get support with:

Get support with:

Ready to begin your journey to financial freedom? 

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